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  • Rochelle Beiersdorfer

The Craft Beer Culture in China

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Short professional blog post about the craft beer culture in China, specifically in Beijing. Target audience was potential Aihua English employees.

Used by Aihua English on various recruitment platforms.


From ambrosia in Greco-Roman mythology to amrita in Hindu mythology, fermentation is a vital ingredient in the human condition. Examples of fermentation can even be found within China’s extensive history. As was discovered a few years ago, the oldest known beer in the world was a Chinese one dating back about 5,000 years. A group of archeologists from Stanford University in Northern China unearthed remnants of clay pots containing residual particles of ingredients that were used in brewing this ancient beer. This just goes to show that fermentation is as quintessential to human history as the arts.

Now with the craft beer craze in the West and China’s younger generations’ fascination with western culture, craft beer has recently been taking China by storm, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. The first brewery in China was established in 2010, Great Leap Brewing. Started by an American and his wife, Great Leap Brewing was one of a handful of craft beer breweries in China for many years. Then in about 2013 this craft beer storm went into full throttle, with breweries and brewpubs opening left and right.

From NBeer (牛啤堂), Jing A (京 A) , and Slow Boat (悠船鲜啤) in Beijing to Master Gao, Nvshen Jingniang (女神精酿) and Wuhan No. 18 Brewing in Nanchang, Taiyuan, and Wuhan respectively, you can now find craft beer all over China. And with China’s extensive history of teas and spicy southern cuisine, you come across some very interesting experimental brews, such as Master Gao’s Jasmine Tea Lager or Wuhan No.18’s Wuhan Hot Porter (brewed with smoked chilies from Guizhou).

Beer-oriented festivals and events have also been popping up in major Chinese cities, like Beijing and Shanghai. For instance, in Beijing, you can participate in Jing-A’s collaboration- oriented beer festival, 8x8 beer fest, or CBAC’s China Craft Beer Festival in the hutongs around the Drum Tower.

With the upsurge in wealth among China’s younger generations and their enthrallment with being more western, the craft beer industry has a lot of opportunity in China to expand, and a lot of room to brew some distinctive and interesting beers for you to try when you come experience life in China with Aihua! Cheers!

Source information: brewery-in-china

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