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  • Rochelle Beiersdorfer

Desert Boogie Dorama on new single "Acid Love" are on the prowl

This piece is a review of the Beijing-based psychedelic, stoner rock band Desert Boogie Dorama's single "Acid Love".

Listen to the provocative track on Spotify or NetEase Cloud Music网易云音乐.

"Acid Love" was released on August 11th via the band (as D.B.D Bedroom Production). 


"Acid Love" cover art. Image provided by the band.

Research done in psychology shows that the hormones that are released in the brain when in love are similar to the hormones that are released when addicted to illegal substances such as heroin. To put it more concisely, when in love you experience the effects of mood-boosting hormones such as dopamine. These hormones are associated with feelings of happiness and euphoria. 

When the object of your affection is removed, the withdrawals that you endure from heartbreak have been compared to the withdrawals experienced from drug addiction. Your cravings for another hit of affection from your beloved, even if that affection is detrimental, are insatiate.

The Beijing-based rock band Desert Boogie Dorama on their single Acid Love expresses just how much love is like a drug. With a steady tempo that is both sultry and seductive, “Acid Love,” the track, pulls you into the dark hollows of burning desire, painting a vivid picture of toxic love’s exhilarating highs and intense lows.

From beginning to end, the single flows sharp and somber, oozing with strong blues and heavy southern rock vibes. The guitars bleed with a fierce yearning that soars and wails while the drums throb with a similar sense of being afflicted with lovesickness. 

This track is just alluring. And the harsh vocals that ache with pent-up passion don’t lessen its bewitching quality. In fact, with lines like “my love is like the hardest drug” and “baby I know you’re looking for it,” it exacerbates it. 

In sum, “Acid Love” is an emotional rollercoaster ride that is just as gut-wrenching and sinfully satisfying as being in the throes of love with a partner who blows hot and cold. 

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