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  • Rochelle Beiersdorfer

Free From the Laws of Time and Space with Beijing DJ TUCOCO

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Electronic music is a vivacious musical style that is hard not to want to sway to its pulsating beat when you hear it.

In this latest Temper Sampler, we get pulled into the transcendental soundscape of TUCOCO, one of Beijing’s prominent sound wizards, to talk about her genesis, music philosophy, and fashion convictions.

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All photos provided by TUCOCO.



TUCOCO is a DJ who fashions sonic collages from a feminine perspective that are equal parts adrenaline-pumping dance jams as they are aural catalysts for catharsis. Through interweaving elements of techno, melodic techno, and indie dance music, TUCOCO’s sets are beautifully orchestrated spaces where emotional release and movement reign supreme.

And just like the sonic tapestries she collages, the moniker of TUCOCO is just as complex and mindful of human emotion and the chronicles of the psyche. “Every story has a name,” TUCOCO responds when asked about the origin and significance of her stage name, “and what TUCOCO means to me represents an inclusive, persistent attitude. Just like electronic music, it is very inclusive and very infectious. Through the underground music club experience, the name TUCOCO is more vibrant and intimate.”

TUCOCO’s journey into the neon-lit underworld of techno and dance music started through exploring the genres of rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, and 90s house. “Eventually I got hooked on the clean 4*8 beats,” she tells Temper, “later on, the deep melodies and European techno wanted me to go deeper into it. On the other hand, I can't resist the lure of the DJ booth. [I] love to express my emotions through music, desire to form a unique sound signature, and connect with the audience I share. I believe music can connect all souls.”

As an active player in the DJ club scene, TUCOCO has connected with many souls and has built up a fruitful and impressive performance history. Since her inception, she has played at such iconic Beijing clubs as Aurora and Lantern and the four-seasons-themed music festival series Wonderland. A force to be reckoned with in her own right, she has shared the limelight with such heavy-hitting OGs in China’s DJing community as Pancake Lee and internationally renowned DJs such as Pezzner, John Acquaviva, and HAYZE.


Emphasizing energy and rhythm, TUCOCO’s creations are contagious and engrossing, leading you astray from reality to a sonic space of internal reflection and sentiment. “As the reality you know distorts and disintegrates, I can take you on a journey between space, time and your desires,” TUCOCO comments when asked about her music philosophy and practice, “dissolve in the bliss of sound. Take a journey through time and space.”

Smooth and soulful, TUCOCO’s creations do just what she says they will. Through the melding of sounds that have a streak of primal and otherworldly zest, digital beats that thud and flow, and the occasional evocative vocal soundbite, TUCOCO’s ballads of bliss catapult you to a soundscape where human-constructed limits of space and time melt away, leaving you drifting in ethereal, hypnotic pulsations that evoke an inner stillness and an uncontrollable eagerness to just rave.

On TUCOCO’s contributions to the podcast by the electronic music label Peng 碰 simply called PENG LABEL PODCAST, TUCOCO’s musical buffets tastefully blend from one track to another, only lingering long enough to pull you into a new steady digital flow of consciousness that is TUCOCO’s abstract expressionism.


First hitting the DJing circuit in 2016, TUCOCO has been a staple in Beijing’s electronic club scene ever since.


“Fashion represents personality to me,” states TUCOCO, “different people have different personalities, [such as] flamboyant, low-key, and passionate. My fashion disposition is introspective and simple.”

Having a look that most would call either comfy, laid-back, or casual, TUCOCO concocts sonic solace in black, white, and grey cotton tops and jeans. During the interview for this piece, TUCOCO tells Temper that she prefers the audience to pay more attention to the grooves she’s whipping up than what swag she’s wearing. “I use music to express fashion,” TUCOCO states, “my music represents what I define as fashion. Everyone has a different understanding of fashion and therefore a different level of acceptance of music styles. I often have friends who come to hear me live for the first time and ask me ‘how come this music has no one singing?’ And yes, there is a threshold for listening to electronic music. But at the same time, I am happy to have gained many friends who share the same definition of fashion as I do, and to have their recognition and love.”


As stated above, TUCOCO is a constant in Beijing’s club scene and DJ community.

Want to let loose and go on an exhilarating voyage that will transcend time and space? Adorn your clubwear and prepare to expand your mind because on April 23rd TUCOCO will be bringing the beats to Moonee in Beijing’s Xicheng District as part of Unicat Attack Vol. 6. Presented by China Temper’s comrades MusicDish*China独立小炒 (dúlì xiǎochǎo)and the cult classic that is the anti-pop brand Daftpop脑波谱 (nǎo bōpǔ), this party of nine music slingers and swingers will be a transcendental dance fest.

As is over used when promoting shows—or any type of event in China really, 不见不撒 (bùjiàn bù sā | be there or be square)!

Because of the current coronavirus resurgence (will this ever end!?), please keep your ears peeled for any news that could influence this next gathering of mystical party animals and cool cats.


Life is hard and, as is a constant theme in most of these Samplers, music is a prime and frequently used medium to unleash pent-up emotions, express sparks of creativity, and connect with others. When you get right down to it, as humans we are social creatures of emotion with a primordial need to express. With her feel-good dance grooves and mellow melodies of meditation, TUCOCO’s work satisfies this instinctual need. So, grab your earbuds and prepare to be drawn into a contagious flow of electroacoustics and poetics pulsations that will rocket you over the moon. Time to touch what we’re made of: Stardust.

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