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linguaphile | sinophile | music maniac | adventurer | lifelong learner

writer & copy editor | podcaster | et cētera

语言控 | 爱好中国的 | 音乐控 | 冒险家 | 终身学习者

作者 & 编者 | 播客者 | 等等

About Me 关于我



My name is Rochelle Beiersdorfer.

Being that Rochelle means small rock in archaic French, you can call me 小石 (xiǎo shí).

I am an ambitious and well-rounded individual who loves a good adventure. Through 10+ years of studying, traveling, working, and living in China, I have become well-versed in China’s traditional culture, the local underground music scenes as well as its contemporary art communities.

Since 2012, I have been an active supporter of China's independent, underground music communities by volunteering my expertise and skills in a variety of ways, such as creating cover artwork, doing translation work, managing international social media accounts and writing liner notes and album reviews for various independent Beijing record labels and bands.

Besides my contributions to the underground music scenes of Beijing, I have also written professionally about contemporary Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese for past employers, study abroad organizations and Chinese-focused media outlets, such as NüVoices 女性之音 and Beijing Review 北京周报. Currently I am a regular contributor to The China Temper, a passion project that examines China’s urban living and contemporary culture through the lens of fashion.


With my writings and other China-focused projects, I strive to create compelling, intelligent, and well-composed pieces that accurately depict China and Chinese culture.

At the end of 2023, I received an MA with distinction in journalism from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England, UK. From my time at Oxford Brookes honing my skills in multimedia journalism, my repertoire of mediums I can utilize to create content has broadened. Among the array of available ways for dissemination, audio and written text are my preferred forms.

When not creating media content, I enjoy spending time dancing, traveling around China, exploring China’s craft beer industry with friends, rocking out at music gigs, and studying Mandarin Chinese and its dialects.

I am a native speaker of American English and a secondary speaker of Mandarin Chinese.

About Me 关于我


我叫Rochelle. 由于在古代法语中Rochelle的意思就是 “小石头”,你就可以称呼我小石。

虽然我是美国人,但中国更让我感到“家”的感觉, 甚至北京就是我心停留的地方。从上大学起,我陆陆续续在北京生活:留过学三次,大约三个学年,还工作过一年多。我目前在北京媒体行业上班,当作英文写作指导。

2012年以来,我不仅与独立乐队合作,也与两个北京地下唱片公司合作,主要负责写专辑评论,做中英翻译,管理国际社交媒体, 与国外乐队沟通,共同主持视频, 创建所有在社交媒体上发布的英语宣传材料等。

“没有音乐,生活将是一种错误”(-尼采)这句俗语就是我人生的座右铭之一。 另外一句就是“活到老,学到老。”

疫情以来,为了给自己充电,我开始学习新技能和新领域的知识,例如新媒体技能和新闻业。直到现在我曾为 Date Night China中国范女性之音北京周报等媒体集团写文章。 这些文章要么是关于俚语和地下音乐, 要么是关于中国的约会文化和地下文化。



有清闲时, 我喜欢花时间跳舞,去其他的省份旅行,和朋友一起探索中国的精酿啤酒文化,看演出和学习汉语和方言。


Contact Me 联系我

Contact Me 联系我

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